Mrs.Pumpkin no Kokkei na Yume / Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical Dream
Pumpkin dream
Uploaded on October 12, 2009
Originally sung by
Hatsune Miku
Nn Niconico / Yt YouTube (reprint)


These translyrics were written by madoknife
Please credit them if you use those lyrics!
These translyrics are based on unknown's translation.

Jacaranda flowers belie a raucous rendez-vous
When the night is ours, how shall we spread the news?
Jack O'Lantern towers over us like a beaming moon
Dirges sung in laughter echo throughout the gloom

See Old Scarecrow swing
Straw flying, sputtering
Not so partial to our pumpkin pie

Lu la Luna, Luna,
While soundly she sleeps
Let’s creep through the dark
Come and dance with me
(“Call for me?” said Turnip-for-a-Head)
Once the coffins were in view
Where have they gone to?
There’s no one left to fright

Watchful witches glower, huddling ‘neath the bridge ahead
Fearing the false magic buzzing high overhead
Jack shuddered with laughter, indulging our debauchery
Not a moment after, night shade bloomed at our feet

Don’t trust the goat
He’s got some nefarious plot
He waits at the next stop

Two by two with you
Winding our way through
The underground labyrinth of pipes and chutes
(Good nor bad, stuff corpses in the bag)
Even the ants can see when trading with fleas
That Luna’s fast asleep

Oh, Mrs. Pumpkin
The sun is rising, I’ll carry you home
Ah, surely something’s
Ruined my dream, and I don’t want to go

Can’t we stay and dance? The music plays on
Let’s dream, for it seems that the night’s so long
(So sad, so sad, fools stuffed in the bag)
The Jack'o'lanterns grin, lit up from within,
They sing “lu la li la”

Lu la Luna, Luna,
While soundly she sleeps
I’m here, all alone
And who shall dance with me?
Once the coffins were in view
Where have they gone to?
There’s no one left to fright

Deep in the mire, tangled in the briar,
Waiting for dawn, I watched the sky in vain.

Never left the train.
Poor Mrs. Pumpkin…
Poor Mrs. Pumpkin.

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