Adding a New SongAdding New ProducersSongs with Multiple TranslyricsCategories Guide

(These guides are written for the Source Edit Mode)

This guide explains how to add a new producer to the Vocaloid Translyrics Wiki.

Creating the categoryEdit

We use categories to organize producers. All producer categories should be named Songs by *PRODUCER NAME*. When you make a page, you can add this category and add content/a description to the category later.

The content/discription of the category should be the following:

Songs produced by *PRODUCER NAME*.

*[[w:c:vocaloid:*PRODUCER NAME*|Vocaloid Wiki]]
*[ VocaDB]

The link to Vocaloid Wiki can be removed if the producer in question has no page. Same goes for the VocaDB link.

Example: Songs by Hachi.

Creating a redirectEdit

When a category is created, a redirect should be created.

To create a redirect, create a page with just the name of the producer. For example: Hachi.

Then add the following:

#REDIRECT [[:Category:Songs by *PRODUCER NAME*]]

Then save the page and a redirect should be created.