Kouru Boku yori, Hanasaku Kimi e / From Yearning Me, To Blooming You
Uploaded on May 30, 2017
Originally sung by
Hatsune Miku
Nn Niconico / Yt YouTube


These translyrics were written by NoDoge
Please credit them if you use those lyrics!
These translyrics are based on Forgetfulsubs's translation.

“The thing is that I fell in love with you”
Embarrassed laugh, but I know this is true
Looks like it is not as bad as I thought
And when our eyes meet, my cheeks are reddening a lot

“Can’t be… For me, you are a special friend”
That was an unexpected lie you made
And since your words made my world split in half
Then let us meet in the afterlife

See you later, goodbye;
Little heart of mine starts to quickly quickly shake
But if it will come true,
Then by your side, I’d like to slowly slowly sway

My head is flying-flying in the air
And you are spinning and spinning around
I ask God to make me unaware
‘cause tomorrow never ever will be found

Chest of mine is feeling-feeling pain
Even still, this is as pathetic as it gets
If I knew I will have such a pain
Then I’d never said that would cause such regrets

Another morning, and nothing special there
My days are threads of usual affairs
But then, I noticed smell I never felt
And you started stinking like someone else

I am grateful, goodbye
Little heart of mine’s starting breaking breaking up
Even if a little,
But it is okay if you leave it in your heart

My head is flying-flying in the air
Even still, the sun is rising once again
As I run away, I don’t get to care
‘bout my courage that I didn’t get to gain

Chest of mine is feeling-feeling pain
Now it does not matter, let me put an end to this
This is not the feelings that I wanted to know and retain

“See ya… Until we meet again someday”
He-ey, can you stop smiling that way
Just what kind of face I should to make right now?

Aah, I know “this is a common story”
Friends do tend to tell us something like that
But I start to wonder and then I plea:
“This is because you’re the only person in my heart”

My head is flying-flying in the air
And I notice distortions on your face
And so thanking all the Gods I dare
For our meeting, me and him* in fullest grace

This will be the last time when I say this
I already know that I am a “friend”
Please be happy and healthy in never-ending bliss
“Did you knew that I loved you ‘till the end”
See ya…