Haipaa Goa Musasabi Sutikku Disapiari Jiiniasu / Hyper Gore Flying Squirrel Stick Disappear-y Genius
Uploaded on May 2, 2016
Originally sung by
Nn Niconico / Yt YouTube (reprint)


These translyrics were written by NoDoge
Please credit them if you use those lyrics!
These translyrics are based on Forgetfulsubs's translation.

Welcome to my lab, I won’t expected
You will come to see praise at me directed
Can I ask you to be a quiet around?
‘cause we don’t want our IQ to be falling down
Listen, better watch at this wonderful machine
Best one for cutting sadness ever seen

And so today you will see me IN-NO-VATE
(Let’s get on!)

The one who’s taking a wining tile and wit
(The great three! The great three!)
Well, I think that is, basically, it
(Exactly? Exactly?)
Multiply it by three point one four one five nine
(Finale! Finale!)
Shut up! Even failed, it’s still a major discovery

Does not matter if you’re good or bad
Any soul weighs just three quarters of an ounce
One percent of an inspiration is, yes, Isotopic Greed Hope Syndrome
(So you… don’t get it?) (Oh, don’t get it?)
OK! This is where you will cheer!

Hyper Gore Musasabi Stick Disappear-y Genius
So simple and even clear cosmos harmony is not a mystery
Hyper Gore Musasabi Stick Disappear-y Genius
He will graciously expel your doubts and when he barks whole pack goes off, he is…
Non! Non! Non! Non!
Not «Genius?», but «Genyas!»

Oh, but excuse me… Haven’t noticed you are here
Can you be silent? I won’t tell you why, my dear
Why’s that?
What the hell is that? Deja vu or something else I have seen right now
Aves caput! Niao tou! Why, you are a bird brain!

Repeat, please, the thing you are looking everywhere is…
(It’s something… Important)
Who will help you to find what it really is?
(He’s the best! He’s the best)
And to help you the best of the doctors is….
(Yes! Funk Beat! Funk Beat!)
Na Na Na… There is no mistake

The dream or, maybe, the reality? The answer for that is still unknown
And as I show experiment’s results…
Looks like the world will be locked. Every time I think that way I go…
«Want everything! Give everything! Just grant me everything you can do —— Genius!»

Hyper Gore Musasabi Stick Disappear-y Genius
The subspace? The World Line? I bet it does not even has a bit of meaning
Hyper Gore Musasabi Stick Disappear-y Genius
Is now the time for you to take it? Do not think ‘cause it’s not dangerous
Non! Non! Non! Non!
It’s the surprising amazing attraction time!

But you can live your life any way you want
Your happiness can’t contradict any of these things at all
Love or Gold, Rules, Belief or, even, your bright soul
Instead of choosing one of them, you can draw world that you choose on your own

Hyper Gore Musasabi Stick Disappear-y Genius
Now, go away, don’t leave a trace, check the truth for yourself, my princess damsel
Do you believe in kindness of world? Can you still say it? Then you asking me «Why?»
‘cause I can’t simply stomach face of yours when you are acting like a tragic damsel, but of course