Dokutaa Fanku Biito / Doctor=Funk Beat
Doctor funk beat
Uploaded on Jun 12, 2015
Originally sung by
Nn Niconico / Yt YouTube


These translyrics were written by NoDoge
Please credit them if you use those lyrics!
These translyrics are based on Forgetfulsubs's translation.

I’ll welcome your happiness

If you are still looking for the bluebird, everywhere, then Come on now
If you just can’t give up on this, the next life will make you Get a chance
It you see the bluebird, then, unmistakably, for you It’s too late
Masochism from the illusion now is euphoria
What to do? Abstinence Paranoia
Do you want some happiness? Got it

Magic? Not magic! Devices and tricks are just medical things
Heart that of yours, body of yours, can you immerse them fully?
To see me now? (Yes, my doctor!)
To see me now? (Yes, my doctor!)
So rare, so wonderful, so magical you love so much Dai Ten Sai!
(Get on!)

Doctor Funk Beat Entrance is Ready!
That’s famous person and that’s your consciouness
There’s no way it could hurt you right?
Doctor Funk Beat How are you, my Lady?
Reality is just a pain,
It has nothing more and I’m telling you only truth
Happy & Happy
I’ll welcome your happiness

If you want to put a hand of Midas on world’s unhappiness
Then, to that kind of you I’ll give some medicine (Dumb Down)
Even if the unhappiness runs rampant around the whole world
I wonder when all the hypocrites will just finally go away?

Love is where lab is! Add a little bit more chemical things
Heart that of yours, body of yours, can you take in them fully?
Are you happy now? (Yes, my doctor?)
Are you happy now! (Yes, my doctor?)
That prodigy is wonderful, miraculous, you love Dai! Dai! Dai Ten Sai!
(Get on!)

Doctor Funk Beat My round, you ready?
Oh!! problem is in intelligence,
so there is no way it could heal, right?
Doctor Funk Beat Crisis is Rowdy!
Euphoria of yours isn’t enough,
then try knocking it of someone else
Happy & Happy
I’ll welcome next pa-ti-ent

Magic? not Magic! (Magic? not Magic!)
Ruurie howan in? Nai nai daa! (Ruurie howan in? Nai nai daa!)
To see me now? (Yes, my doctor!)
To see me now? (Yes, my doctor!)
So careless, so wonderful in the extreme this is our favorite Dai! Dai! Dai! Dai! Dai Ten Sai!
Doctor Funk Beat Once I had a dream…
Happiness was around everywhere, but what a childish transparent delusive SHOW
Happiness is nowhere be found in this dystopia that we all live in…

You know, this «cloud nine» is being stingy is nonsense
So even you, too, even you, too, even you, too, let us just pass on the next…
Damsel in Distress it’s finally the turn you have been waiting
Oh!! I should have said earlier
Listen, listen, If you want to acquire happiness, then
Head to the name of the man whose praise by everyone won’t replete
This is him, Doctor Funk Beat

Dai Ten Sai!
(Dai Ten Sai!)

I’ll welcome your happiness

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