こっち向いて Baby
Kocchi Muite Baby / Look this Way, Baby
Kocchi muite baby
Uploaded on July 2, 2010
Originally sung by
Hatsune Miku
Nn Niconico / Yt YouTube (reprint)


These translyrics were written by HaruhiLova
Please credit them if you use those lyrics!
These translyrics are based on lygerzero0zero's translation.

1, 2.
1, 2, 3, YEAH!

Just lying to everyone all the time
Makes me feel like I'm the loser, c'mon it's true
I wanna do things that can't be spoken aloud

Like this and that...
Oh, my... What sort of things?

Guys just always seem to be morons.
Hey, you thought of something dirty, didn't you?
You're the type that can't lie, this I know
It's all showing on your face, ARE YOU OKAY?

With no leeway for exceptions
It's like we can't talk normally, yeah, we can't...

Before I hear you go all romantic
Have you analyzed the situation yet?
Ahh! You just don't get it!

Come on, look this way baby!
It's an offer I won't let you refuse
I'm in my serious mode right now~
With my lips you are captivated by I'll get you while you're open
And then I'll make you my prisoner.
Today will be the judgment day!


Come on Baby!


Just being stubborn all the darn time
With that face you make, I just cannot be honest!
I want you to hold me from behind

Yeah right~ ehehe!
… Hey, wait a second!

Don't get in such a hurry, honestly...
Doesn't it have a better atmosphere that way to you?

I won't let your words get to me
And just leave me hanging, lifelessly--
Oh!! You're responsible for this!

Wait, look this way baby!
It's an offer I won't let you refuse
'Cause it'll put you into that mood~!
With my legs that you beg to worship I'll get you while you're open
And then I'll make you my prisoner!
So don't go coy on me, slave

Words aren't able to send this to you--
A very big, a great big heart mark!
What do I do? My heart's in knots
And I can't seem to think clear enough!
Oooooooh!!! You of all people!


Look this way a little more baby!
Do I have to say it again!?
Should I even care anymore~!
I guess it would be okay if my mind tracks to memories of you...
Oh, um... Forget what I just said...
Oh, what!? You got a problem with that~!?

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